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IDCourse NameLast Date
36MCA (Commerce)(Rev.2008)04 Dec 2017
37MCA (Commerce) (Rev.2013) 04 Dec 2017
38MCOM (REV.2008)04 Dec 2017
39MCOM (REV.2013)04 Dec 2017
61MCA (Science)(Rev08)30 Nov 2017
62MCA (Science)(Rev13) 30 Nov 2017
66M.Tech.(IMWCA)(R.08)30 Nov 2017
67M.Tech.(IMWCA)(Rev.13) 30 Nov 2017
59MBA (REV.2008-09)27 Nov 2017
60MBA (REV.2013) 27 Nov 2017
69MCA(MANAGEMENT)(Rev.2015)27 Nov 2017
70M.B.A.(Information Technology)(Rev.2015)27 Nov 2017
71M.B.A.(Human Resource Development)(Rev.2015)27 Nov 2017
72M.B.A.(Marketing Management)(Rev.2015)27 Nov 2017
74M.Sc. MICROBIOLOGY (REV.2013)27 Nov 2017